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Privacy Policy:

 At sataking.one, we do recognize the importance of maintaining the privacy of the users. The information shared by the registered or non-registered users on the website will be protected.

The privacy policy of the website is a mandatory document to be published as per Information technology rules. This document comes into effect without any need for a physical or digital signature by either party.

Yet the website cannot be held responsible or liable under any circumstance in case of misuse of information by way of but not limited to hacking. Further, the users, when they share the information, agree to let the website use the same of some purpose within the privacy policy.

The information collected or stored by the website may include IP addresses when you agree to cookies.

The privacy policy of the website is designed and enforced with the sole intention to protect the interest of both website owners and users.

But in case we suspect or prove that any of the users are misusing the website or posting content or images which affects the reputation of the website, or false or incorrect or inaccurate, then we have the right to take action against such users.

The action taken against such users may include but not limited to termination of their access to use the website.

To conclude, we would like to inform you that the website has the sole authority to make changes to the privacy policy published here.

And when a user continues to visit the website and accept the services provided by us, then we deem that they have agreed to the said changes.

So it is recommended by our side to carefully read and understand the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the website before visiting it or accessing it.