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Terms and conditions:

Sataking.one welcomes you to the website. This website is a hosting site that shows the information provided by the sponsors. The website does not support the information contained on the website. We don’t support or run Matka or Satta king gambling. We recognize that these types of gambling are illegal in some countries. So we strongly recommended that you visit sataking. One website at your own risk. The other terms and conditions of using or visiting the website are mentioned below.

1. Proprietary rights:

The website owners hold title, interest, and right overall intellectual property rights of the website. The rights of the owner are full and indisputable. The contents mentioned on the website don’t impose any liability on us. We further acknowledge that the users of the website cannot hold the website responsible or liable for including but not limited to any scams resulted from using the website.

2. Website users

That all persons or individuals, company or any other entity using the website or visiting the website acknowledge that they are doing so with their discretionary. They agree and accept that the information shared on the website can be stored and used by the website.

The information shared on the website may include but not limited to, sensitive information or confidential information. This can be as simple as name and contact information. The users of the website also agree that they are responsible for maintaining the secrecy as to password and log in details about the website. And that they will not disclose or misuse the confidential information of the website as defined under the Information technology Act, 2000 of India.

Finally, it is informed by the website and agreed by the users that the above-mentioned terms and conditions can be changed as and when the situation arises without the prior consent of the users.